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With this mission statement, MARCORP clearly defines what it stands for and will ensure that it navigates through the right routes to ensure success. This statement embodies the corporate brand and energizes the corporate culture. It will be inspirational to its employees and generate high levels of commitment and enthusiasm. These are vital ingredients to a business , aspiring it to be innovative in an ever changing global marketplace.

At MRAR Group, good information and knowledge management are being cultured among employees and partners. I strongly hold onto our motto statement, “Success Breeds Success”, where information and knowledge is critical in ensuring success. The interchanging of tacit and explicit knowledge with others will breed more success, no matter in whatever business, division and industry background. That is why MARCORP lays down its philosophy to all its subsidiaries as the ultimate strategic foundation for MRAR Group to grow – to share and value information across the Group. We believe that Information and Knowledge is Power.

Portfolio of Marcorp
MARCORP initiates and nurtures new businesses. The approach that is being used in the portfolio is the aggressive opportunities look-out approach. MARCORP will constantly look for new business opportunities that will add synergy to the Group.
Partnering describes a business relationship based on taking a long-term view that the partners wish to work together according to mutually acceptable terms. As in MARCORP, it will seek to develop the relationship with all its subsidiaries so that each will benefit in their recognized business performance areas. MARCORP will ensure that its subsidiaries will achieve the desired targets by taking out unnecessary administrative processes to enable full concentration on their operations and sales areas. This allows its subsidiaries to stay focused on their areas of business.

As corporate governance has been identified as the main strategy, it will be an enabler of professional management. MARCORP provides good administrative work management and acts as an information centre for its subsidiaries.